Mummification Kit

Mummification Kit

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Bring history to life in the classroom with our Egyptian Mummification Kit. Students can touch the natron, smell the spices used in mummification, place the scarab on the heart and wrap each other with strips of linen (yes, real strips of linen, not cotton). Have students re-create the mummification process and they will never forget it!


What's included:

- Storage box

- Linen wraps

- Jar of natron

- Jar of wood shavings scented with the spices believed to have been used in mummification

- Heart scarab


Herodotus toured Egypt in the middle of the fifth century B.C., he took a keen interest in mum­mification techniques, which he described in some detail in his Histories. Herodotus' writings state that natron, palm wine and spices were used to mummify the deceased. However, no archaeological evidence has been found of palm wine being used. In addition to natron, later mummies were filled with saw dust and spices to help aid the mummification process. 



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